Good progress being made with new bin service

Nearly half of all homes in Leeds now have their green recycling bin picked up more frequently.

Early indications show that the latest residents to receive the new bin service are adapting well to the changes.

Another 113,000 households recently switched to the more frequent green bin collections and the majority of residents have taken the change in their stride.

Green bins are now picked up one week and black bins the next week from 48% of homes across Leeds.

The new bin service is central to the council’s plans to help the city recycle 55% of waste by 2016.

An information pack was sent to residents to help them prepare for the changes. Recycling advisers have been providing guidance in the run up to the new service starting.

The recycling advisers can now be seen out and about supporting residents and crews on bin collection days. They will continue to provide dedicated help where needed.

Over the coming weeks the actual amounts of waste in black bins and recycling in green bins will be closely monitored.

With the ongoing support of residents, more waste can be recycled. With less rubbish languishing in landfill, the council will save significant amounts on landfill tax; money that can be spent on vital council services.

It’s anticipated that the council will save £2.5 million a year once the service is rolled out to 80% of the city.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment, said:

“It’s still early days for this second phase of the new bin service. However, there’s no reason to doubt that if residents continue to make the most of their green bins and more frequent collections, we’ll be right on track to make the anticipated savings.

“We took a considered, phased approach to rolling the new bin service out to give people the time and support they need to adapt. By taking on board lessons learned, we believe this approach is working.

“Should anyone have trouble adapting to the new service, help is and will continue to be available.”

In the first few weeks of the service starting, crews are taking a practical approach to extra bags put out with black bins.

Crews are stickering bins where extra waste is left so residents know that in time crews will cease collecting these bags as residents maximise the use of their green recycling bin.

Details of the new service can be found at www.leeds.gov.uk/newbinservice or www.facebook.com/leedswastedocs or by following @leedswastedocs on Twitter.

Bin collection days can be checked at www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/Pages/Check-your-bin-day.aspx.

Information on what can be recycled at household waste sorting sites and bring sites can be found at www.leeds.gov.uk/recyclingsites.

For media enquiries please contact:

Amanda Burns, Leeds City Council press office (0113) 395 1577

email: amanda.l.burns@leeds.gov.uk