Four more people caught mis-using Blue Badges

More Blue Badge cheats will have to fork out over £1,000 in total for mis-using the scheme intended to help disabled people.

The four cases were heard by Leeds magistrates last week (Friday 1 November) with all four defendants being found guilty.

Three defendants – Rajinder Singh of Newton Park Drive, Rachel Daniels of Alan Crescent and Arfan Akhtar of Tagor Court, Bradford – all used badges belonging to people who had died.

On 29 April, civil enforcement officers checked a badge being displayed in car parked in a pay and display bay. The badge holder had died in 2012. Checks lead the officers to the vehicle owner who declared that Singh had been the driver at the time.

On 14 May, similar checks on a parked vehicle displaying a Blue Badge showed that Daniels had illegally used the badge of a person who had died in 2010.

Singh and Daniels were both given conditional discharges and ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge each. Singh must now pay £310 in costs and Daniels must pay £110.

Civil enforcement officers also discovered one Blue Badge belonging to someone who had died in 2012 being used in two separate vehicles, one of them a hire car, on 13 March and 10 July. Various checks lead officers to Akhtar.

Akhtar was given two £70 fines and must pay a victim surcharge of £20 and £100 in costs.

Arthur Benn, of Aire Quay, tried to use a genuine Blue Badge to park in a disabled bay on 22 May.

As the badge holder wasn’t present he was using the badge illegally. Benn was fined £260 and ordered to pay £150 in costs and a £26 victim surcharge.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive board member for the environment, said:

“Taking up spaces that should be available for people with a genuine need is dishonest and unfair. We can’t and won’t tolerate the Blue Badge system being abused. If you are not entitled to use a Blue Badge then these cases should serve as a severe warning.”

People could have their Blue Badges revoked or renewal refused if they or others persistently abuse them.

They also face a maximum £1,000 fine if prosecuted and found guilty of abusing the system.

See www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/pages/blue-badge-parking.aspx and www.gov.uk/browse/driving/blue-badge-parking for more information.


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