Flowerbed flytipper fined

Caption: Evidence that building waste had been dumped in a public flower bed.

A Leeds-based builder has realised the error of his ways having been caught leaving rubbish in a flowerbed.

Paul Rimmer, Henley Road, Bramley pleaded guilty at Leeds Magistrates Court to offences committed in August 2012.

Magistrates fined Rimmer £500 and ordered him to pay a £15 victim surcharge and costs totaling £518.97 last week.

The council received complaints that building waste had been left in a public flowerbed. On inspection, the council’s environmental action officer found rubble and waste from a nearby building project in the raised garden area on Stanks Parade.

Rimmer was seen working on site. When questioned by the officer, he admitted dumping waste water from a cement mixer but stated that he didn’t realise the area was a flowerbed.

Rimmer also alleged that his employer was going to remove the rubbish but didn’t do so. During the investigation, Rimmer admitted it was wrong to have flytipped and was prosecuted.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment, said:

“Ignorance isn’t a defence for flytipping. There is no defence for flytipping. Regardless of the circumstances, if we can gather the evidence that shows you’ve committed an environmental crime, we will prosecute you.”

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