Fine for persistently causing bin obstruction

A Wetherby woman has been fined for persistently leaving her bin out and causing an obstruction to pedestrians.

Responding to annoyed residents’ requests for help, council staff made several attempts to get Rebecca Wright, St James Street, to move and store the offending bin.

Failing to act resulted in magistrates fining Wright £75 fine and ordering her to pay £568.47 in costs earlier this month.

Local residents complained throughout 2012 about a wheeled bin regularly being left on the street. As well as being an obstruction to local residents, the pavement leads to the busy and popular town centre and must be safe and accessible for prams, the elderly and people with a disability or visual impairment.

Wright was advised in March 2012 that leaving her bin on the narrow pavement was causing an obstruction and was politely asked to move it. Further complaints were received so the council stepped in again and at this stage issued a formal legal notice requiring Wright to put her bin out on time and store it again once emptied.

Despite this, residents complained again that the bin was still being left on the street for weeks at a time.

Having visited the street and witnessing the bin out on the pavement at Wright’s property – the only bin on the street left out – environmental enforcement officers were left with no option but to issue a £75 fixed penalty notice.

The fine remained unpaid so the case was referred to magistrates.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment, said:

“We’re very clear that residents should put bins out by 7am on collection day and to store them away again as soon as is practical once collected.

“We understand that people have lives to lead and we apply a common sense approach when working with residents to resolve complaints – the majority of people are happy to take on board our advice.

“But persistently leaving your bin out causing a genuine obstruction, potentially putting people in harm’s way and resulting in numerous complaints from local residents can’t and won’t be tolerated.”

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