Evening and weekend parking charges come into effect

Charges for city centre parking in the evenings and on Sundays come into effect in Leeds on Monday 18 November.

A £2 flat rate from 6pm until 10.00pm seven days a week will apply.

On Sundays, parking for less than four hours will cost £1 and over four hours will cost £4.

The decision to introduce the charges was taken by the council’s executive board on 19 June this year. Having now completed the relevant legal processes the charges can be implemented.

Council parking charges and policies in Leeds are in line with, and in many cases considerably better, than other major cities in the UK. They remain considerably cheaper than private car park operators which already charge for Sunday and evening parking.

The charges will initially apply to 2,400 council-controlled on-street parking spaces which have not increased in four years.

Plans to bring council controlled off-street car parks into line with on-street parking are also underway.

The proposed changes would apply to eight car parks which have varying operating hours. It is proposed that the operating hours of these car parks would be standardised at 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturdays and 10am to 10pm on Sundays.

The flat rate £2 evening charge from 6pm to 10pm would apply at these car parks seven days a week. Sundays would also be charged at £1 for less than four hours and £4 for over four hours. The evening charge would also apply.

With the opening of developments like Trinity and the first direct arena, demand for city centre parking is on the increase.

Population growth alongside other new city centre developments, such as the Victoria Gate, means that more and more people are and will be travelling to the city centre putting increased pressure on the availability of parking spaces.

The extended charges for on-street and proposed changes to off-street car parking hours and the application of extended charges are designed to help ensure an appropriate turnover of parking spaces while continuing to support the city centre economy.

In addition, the council wants to ensure that people are aware of the upcoming charges so they’re not caught out if wishing to park in the city centre during the evening or on Sundays.

A Leeds City Council spokeswoman said:

“Car parking has an important role to play in supporting any vibrant city centre economy.

“The modest charges provide a very competitive offer. The charges mean we can create a turnover in all pay and display spaces in the city centre and help the evening and Sunday economy with better management of parking.

“While we acknowledge that charging for something that was previously free isn’t going to be popular, we must find a delicate balance between managing the increasing demand for parking alongside the need to keep traffic and the economy moving and encouraging people to make the most of public transport.”

Higher charges for shorter periods of time on Sundays had been proposed initially, but having listened to people’s concerns, the fee has been reduced for a longer period of time.

Blue Badge holders will still be able to park for free in council-controlled pay and display spaces as long as badges are used and displayed appropriately.



City centre parking is designated to provide short-term, high turnover parking to ensure that the city continues to attract visitors, shoppers and business opportunities.

Onsite surveys and observations have identified that Sundays can often be busier than Saturdays for parking and that demand for evening parking in some areas exceeds the day time demand. This is deterring short stay visitors from visiting the city centre as on street parking is being occupied by vehicles belonging to people parking for much longer periods, often all day.

The eight off-street car parks where standard hours and extended charges are proposed are:

Kirkstall Road

Burley Road

Hunslet Lane

Leeds International Pool

Meadow Lane

Quarry Hill

The Markets

West Street

For media enquiries please contact:

Leeds City Council press office (0113) 395 0244