Dog warden catches litter lout in the act

The council is warning litter louts that a range of council officers can and will enforce the law if caught dropping rubbish.

The advice comes as a man from Middleton was prosecuted having failed to pay a fixed penalty notice for littering issued by a council dog warden.

Having pleaded guilty, Michael Gelder, Intake Square, Middleton, was fined £75 by Leeds magistrates last Friday, 13 September. He was also ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and costs of £160.

Council dog wardens and environmental action officers have the power to enforce the Environmental Protection Act 1990. They can take action against anyone committing offences such as littering, flytipping, failing to store waste properly, dog fouling and contravening dog control orders.

In addition, other front line council staff such as housing officers and parks and countryside staff and police community support officers, are able to report offences to the council for investigation.

Gelder was seen throwing away a scrunched up cigarette packet by the dog warden in April this year. He was also witnessed lighting up and discarding the cigarette butt on the pavement.

A local resident also saw the grime crime take place. The litter had been dropped outside his home and he was angry at Gelder’s irresponsible actions.

When issued with the fixed penalty notice, Gelder was advised of the legal consequences if he didn’t pay. Non-payment resulted in prosecution.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment, said:

“Our dog wardens are experts in their own field, however, they have the authority to take action if they see anyone dropping litter too.

“They, along with their environmental enforcement colleagues, can’t and won’t stand by if they see anyone flouting the laws designed to help keep Leeds clean.

“While the majority of people are happy to do their bit, a few still haven’t got the message that it’s not acceptable to dump rubbish and let dog poo lie in the street.

“We’ll continue to offer advice and take action to persuade people to change their attitudes and behaviour towards waste.”


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