Discover more about how the brain works at Leeds City Museum

Caption: The different facets of the human brain will be investigated at an event held at Leeds City Museum.

The fascinating workings of the human brain can be discovered at a ‘Healthy Brains at Leeds: Demystifying Dementia’ event at Leeds City Museum.

Taking place on 6 & 7 September from 11am, visitors will have the chance to speak to experts from the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds about their work to tackle the most common form of dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease. Both adults and children will be able don a lab coat and gloves to try out some of the research techniques used at the University of Leeds.

Dr Dave Lewis, head of the engaging with dementia project said:

"People may not realise how much research into Alzheimer’s Disease takes place at the University of Leeds. This event is an opportunity for the public to discover a bit more about our work and also the challenges that lie ahead.

"There will also be some fun activities to help explain how the brain works and some top tips on how to keep it healthy. On top of this, the Leeds Alzheimer’s Society will be joining us with their wealth of experience and expertise on what it is like living with, or caring for someone with, dementia."

There will also be the opportunity to learn about the changes in the brain as the disease progresses and how to reduce your own chances of developing the illness.

Councillor Adam Ogilvie, Leeds City Council’s executive member for adult social care said:

"Having more events in the city which help to tackle challenging issues really fits in with our ambition to be an age-friendly city, so it’s fantastic that the museum will be hosting this event.

"Not only will this be a fascinating look at the mechanics of dementia, it will also help to raise awareness of the condition and help more people relate to how profoundly it can affect people’s lives.

"It’s only by demystifying dementia and equipping people of all ages with the information and knowledge they need to understand it that we can truly hope to make Leeds a place where those with dementia and their carers can feel confident, safe and happy."

Also present over the two days will be representatives from the Alzheimer’s Society who will explain what it is like to live or care with someone with dementia, and provide information on how you could make a difference as a ‘Dementia friend’. With a children’s trail also available, and the chance to have your say on the priorities for future research and the impact of dementia for the future, via a ‘Thought Wall’, this event provides an excellent opportunity to discover more about Dementia, which currently effects over 800,000 in the UK.

Jessica Smith, Alzheimer's Society research communications officer said:

"Dementia is finally getting the attention it deserves in the media and by politicians as, with an ageing population, we are going to see more people developing the condition. Alzheimer’s Society is delighted to be funding researchers to share our knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease with the public in Leeds, and talk about ways that we may be able to reduce our risk.

"The Alzheimer’s Society funds research around the UK into the underlying causes of dementia, the search for new treatments, better care for people affected, and ways to reduce the risk of developing dementia."

For updated event information and more about dementia research at the University of Leeds, please see: http://www.fbs.leeds.ac.uk/brain

Notes to editors:

The “Healthy Brains at Leeds: Demystifying Dementia” event is being run by a team from the University of Leeds, Faculty of Biological Sciences as part of the “Engaging with Dementia” project, funded by the Alzheimer’s Society. Researchers at the University of Leeds work on many different aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease, from trying to unravel what goes wrong during the development of the disease to identifying targets that may lead to treatments in the future. The “Healthy Brains at Leeds” is an opportunity for our researchers to share their insights with the public and discuss the challenges that still lie ahead. There is more information on the project and the team of researcher involved on our project website at: http://www.fbs.leeds.ac.uk/brain Leeds City Museum – Entrance is free

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