Council's quest to trace relatives of WW1 Leeds soldier

Leeds City Council is attempting to trace the relatives of a First World War Sergeant Major, following the captivating discovery of a one hundred year old national roll book inscribed with his name.

The book, which is one of only 14 ever published, was discovered at Leeds Civic Hall and contains a message, along with a highlighted passage inside.

According to the inscription the book was presented to Sergeant Major A Lake at Leeds Carlton Hill Barracks in 1919. It is not known how it came to be in the council’s archives.

The highlighted passage states that Sergeant Major Lake volunteered in September 1914, where as part of the Second Eighth Battalion of the West Yorkshire Regiment, he served in several engagements including Bullecourt and Cambrai. He held the General Service and Victory medals.

He was demobilised in December 1918 following the signing of the armistice.

According to the book, Sergeant Major Lake’s address at the time was 5 Kelsall Grove - in the Hyde Park area of Leeds.

Previous searches have been unable to determine any relatives and the council are now eager to reunite the book with his family.

Lord Mayor of Leeds Councillor Ann Castle said:

“This rare book is a truly charming memoir of the Great War, which has been deep in the council archives for many years.

“We would be delighted to reunite it with the soldier’s family and I sincerely hope they come forward.”

If you have any information on Sergeant Major Lake or his family please contact:

Andrew Hodson

Head of Governance Services


Tel: (0113) 224 3208

Email: andy.hodson@leeds.gov.uk


For media enquiries, please contact;

Catherine Milburn, Leeds City Council press office (0113) 247 4450

Email: catherine.milburn@leeds.gov.uk