Council to review how housing services are managed in Leeds

Leeds City Council will look at the way housing management services are delivered at a meeting of the executive board on 9 January 2013.

Over the last few months a review has been undertaken to see whether or not changes should be proposed to housing management services in Leeds. The review covered both the delivery aspect, predominately provided by the three ALMOs and also the landlord side provided by the council.

The executive board will be discussing the outcomes of the review and considering a proposal to consult on two new options for the delivery of housing management services in Leeds.

The first option proposed is to move to a single company model, such as one ALMO, and the second is to transfer all services so they are integrated within the council, with strengthened governance arrangements including tenants and independent members. Both options will ensure that services such as housing management will continue to be delivered at a local level and that tenants are involved and have a strong voice in how services are run on their behalf.

Since the last review in 2010, there have been major changes and challenges to the delivery of public services and if the council is to continue to ensure value for money for tenants then there is a need to look at where savings can be realised elsewhere in housing management arrangements in order to reinvest such savings in front line services for tenants.

If the proposed consultation exercise is approved, it will be carried out with tenants, leaseholders and other key stakeholders during January-March 2013. It is important that tenants lie at the heart of any future model, and the excellent work already developed by the current ALMOs in engaging and involving their tenants’ needs to be retained in whatever future model is adopted.

Councillor Peter Gruen, executive board member for neighbourhoods, planning and support services, says:

“As a council, it’s our responsibility to continually review everything we do to make sure we’re giving the people of Leeds high quality, value for money services.

“We’re very proud of the £825m investment which the ALMOs have attracted to carry out an unprecedented improvement programme to the city’s homes.

“Now we have to make sure that we have the right management arrangements to continue to improve our housing services over what will be a very challenging few years, with public funds reducing and demand for services increasing.

“One thing we’re very clear about is a commitment to a full consultation with our tenants before we make any final decision.”


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