Council raises concerns over G4S contract for asylum seekers

Leeds City Council has raised concerns over the G4S contract for asylum seekers and support for accommodation as significant council tax arrears build up.

Central Government awarded the contract to provide accommodation and support to asylum seekers in Yorkshire and Humber to G4S earlier this year. The company in turn contracted Cascade Homes Group Ltd to provide the housing support.

Since taking on the contact, Cascade Homes Group Ltd have not been paying council tax on the properties they are providing as part of this contract, and have built up significant arrears.

Councillor Keith Wakefield, leader of Leeds City Council said:

“It is a major concern that this has happened, and we are continuing to take recovery action to claim back the money the council is entitled to.

“Every landlord in the city has a responsibility to pay council tax and ensure payments are kept up to date, and is it disappointing and unacceptable that a contract funded by public money has got to this stage.

“Along with this, we have the welfare of the asylum seekers currently being housed to think of, and are currently in talks with G4S to ascertain their future plans.”


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