Council looks to young people for feedback on apprenticeships

Young people give their views on apprenticeships from Leeds City Council on Vimeo.

Caption: Young people talking about the advantage of apprenticeships

Leeds City Council is working closely with young people to understand how to better communicate about apprenticeships and the opportunity to learn while they earn.

The council is currently running a number of workshops with young people who are looking to start an apprenticeship, are already working as an apprentice for their employer or those who have completed their apprenticeship.

By speaking to young people, the council wants to better understand how young people want to get information about apprenticeships, at what age and what kind of support they want.

At an event held recently at the Connexions shop on Eastgate, a group of young people came together to discuss how and what is the best way to communicate information on apprenticeships, but also why this is a good way to start your career.

Across the city at the moment there are over 100 live apprenticeships available, from accountancy and business administration through to engineering, catering and logistics alongside plenty of other career opportunities.

In the last 12 months 6,576 young people have started an apprenticeship with the support of their employer. The council, along with its partners is providing support to young people and the businesses seeking to recruitment them. The Apprenticeship Hub supports young people to understand the wide range of opportunities available and how to access these and the Apprenticeship Training Agency works with small and medium size businesses to help them recruit and training their apprentices.

Councillor Lucinda Yeadon, Leeds City Council executive board member with responsibility for leisure and skills said:

“A key priority for the council is getting young people into work. An apprenticeship offers a great starting point where you can earn while you learn the new skills that are required by your employer now and build the foundation for your progression. Many young people go on to complete a higher level apprenticeship, degrees and professional qualifications.

“Some of the feedback we have received from young people indicates that they would like to receive information about at an earlier stage in school so they can take more time to make choices and are ahead of the game when it comes to finding out about the qualifications, training and jobs available to them.

“We have a large number of apprenticeships available across the city, and we want to make sure we are communicating with as many young people as possible, so these opportunities are not missed.”

Councillor Judith Blake, Leeds City Council executive board member with responsibility for children’s services said:

“It is really important that we take the feedback on board that we are giving from young people and make sure we listen and use their ideas about how to communicate with them.

“There are plenty of apprenticeship opportunities available in the city, and we want to make sure all our young people know about them and are given the support and advice they need to complete the applications they are interested in.”

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