Council encourages good bin etiquette

Residents face fines if they continually fail to ignore advice from the council on good bin etiquette.

In a bid to persuade residents to put bins away once emptied and store them properly until the next collection day, letters were sent to all residents on Regent Park Terrace and Regent Park Avenue in October.

The work is part of the council’s continuing efforts to target areas where bins are left out for prolonged periods.

As well as blocking access on pavements and streets, bins not stored properly can cause littering and other environmental issues.

Warnings can be issued to residents to encourage them to take appropriate action, and ultimately the council has powers to issue £75 fixed penalty notices for bins continually left out on the street.

The letters sent to Regents Park residents have been backed up with council staff providing help and advice during door-to-door visits over a three-week period.

The majority of residents have taken heed of the advice however follow-up visits have shown that some residents have failed to get the message.

Final warnings have since been issued and the council is now preparing to issue a number of fixed penalty notices.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment, said:

“This is simply a matter of common sense and courtesy. Regardless of where you live, we’d ask that people put their bins out on time and store them properly once emptied.

“It’s not just a bug bear for many people to find their progress blocked by bins on the pavement; in some situations it can be dangerous as people are left with no choice but to walk on the road.

“We’re more than happy to work with residents to ensure that we can avoid the problems caused by bins left out.”

People receiving fixed penalty notices for failing to bring their bins back in have to pay £75, reduced to £60 if paid within 10 days.

The council’s approach is to ensure people understand their responsibilities, with enforcement as a last resort.

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