Candidates for West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Election on November 15

The names of candidates standing for election as the first Police and Crime Commissioner have been published today.

Polling is on November 15 and the result for West Yorkshire (including Leeds) - one of 41 police areas in England and Wales to get a new Commissioner - will be announced on November 16, following the count at Cathedral House in Huddersfield.

People are being asked to choose one Police and Crime Commissioner for their local police force. The Commissioner will be responsible for holding the Chief Constable and police force to account on the public's behalf and will oversee how crime is tackled, aiming to make sure the police are providing a good service.

The following persons have been nominated:

Mark Burns-Williamson - The Labour Party Candidate

Geraldine Mary Carter - The Conservative Party Candidate

Cedric Mark Christie - Independent

Andrew Clive Glover Marchington - Liberal Democrats

Information about the candidates is being published by the Home Office at www.choosemypcc.co.uk and residents can register an interest by entering their postcode on the website.

A booklet giving information about the election and how to vote is being distributed to households from next week by the Electoral Commission.

Journalists who require further information should contact:

Wakefield Council Communications team

Email: pressoffice@wakefield.gov.uk

Web: www.wakefield.gov.uk

Telephone 01924 305295