Bridgewater Place junction closure due to high winds

Leeds City Council is warning commuters and other road users to be aware of plans to close the Bridgewater Place junction tomorrow (Tuesday October 21) due to high winds.

Currently the closure is planned for 9.45am, but this might have to be brought forward into rush hour if conditions worsen.  Weather conditions will continue to be reviewed but road users are advised to allow longer for journeys.

A Leeds City Council spokeswoman said:

“Please be aware there may be significant traffic delays tomorrow as the Bridgewater Place junction will be closed from 9.45am because of the predicted high winds.  We’re monitoring conditions in other areas of the city centre and in particular we’re keeping a close eye on the Majestic building, given its recent fire damage, in case we need to put restrictions in place there.

“We will be re-programming traffic lights to help reduce disruption and road users will be alerted by warning signs from 5am, but delays are inevitable and we hope people will understand that safety has to come first.  The junction will re-open once the wind reduces to an acceptable level.”


For media enquiries please contact:

Donna Cox

Leeds City Council press office (0113) 224 3335

e-mail: donna.cox@leeds.gov.uk