Boston Spa School opens conference for Yorkshire Business Leaders

Picutre caption: "Boston Spa school headteacher Chris Walsh with pupils Erin Lees, Olivia Bailey Hague, Oliver England ad and Oliver Smith - who helped to open the CIPD conference today."

Issued on behalf of Boston Spa School

Students from Boston Spa School helped to open the CIPD conference earlier today following recognition as education business partnership leaders in Yorkshire. Four students will speak about their lessons and extra curriculum activities to make them ‘Business Ready’.

Boston Spa School is the only school in the Yorkshire to achieve the Business Ready Standard from Lord Knight of Weybridge and the IEBE.

The conference ‘Employers are from Mars, young people are from Venus: addressing the young people/jobs mismatch’ has been organised by the four CIPD branches in Yorkshire and the Humber (Humber and North, South, and West) to provide this highly interactive event to discuss how these issues can be addressed successfully. The event will feature speakers from all aspects of the education to employment transition process including the young people themselves.

Recent CIPD research has highlighted the mismatch between employers’ expectations of young people during the recruitment process and young people’s understanding of what is expected of them as they make the move from education to employment. Evidence from other recent research also shows that employers are more likely to hire a foreign worker than a school leaver.

Boston Spa School actively promotes links with business and the four students speaking will talk about the business skills that they have developed for projects involving the NHS, the BBC, York Race Course, Drax, O2 and Harvard Engineering.

The school enters enterprise competitions where students see real value to their efforts. This includes the AMP Awards, where students have to raise £500 to put on an event at the O2 Academy, and Go4Set science and engineering competition the gives students the opportunity to achieve a Silver Crest Award, highly acknowledged by leading Universities.

Head teacher Christopher Walsh was delighted with the recognition from Lord Knight commenting:

“Being ‘Business Ready’ means we can continue to maintain an excellent standard in how we prepare our students for the next stage of their education or training. I am extremely proud of our students who take on the schools extended activities with great enthusiasm and the commercial awareness they gain from the experience.”

In congratulating Boston Spa School on their success, Dr Matthew Chiles, IEBE’s Director said:

“Developing young people’s employability is one of the most important economic and educational challenges facing the country. Being Business Ready™ means Boston Spa School is serious about responding to that challenge and providing its students with the highest quality opportunities and experiences.”

Michael Millward HR Consultant for Abeceder and the Chair of the North Yorkshire Branch of the CIPD, commented:

"The mis-match in the research is a problem for business as well as young people. Business growth is being restricted because businesses do not have the skilled workforce they require. It is a ticking time bomb that will hamper economic recovery and sustainable growth. Boston Spa School are clearly working with business to support student skills and business growth."

The Managing Director of NTR Engineering, Craig Naylor who became a Boston Spa School governor after recruiting a student as an apprentice, said:

“I have interviewed students from Boston Spa School and it is clear that they are well prepared to enter the work environment. They are supported through applications and interviews and it is lovely to see the teachers visit them on the shop floor where they are applying their learning.”

The four students speaking at the conference are:

Erin Lees (13) who has a Silver Crest Award after taking part in the Go4 Set project and is currently in the year 9 girls engineering group.

Olivia Bailey Hague (14) , was interviewed on BBC Radio York following her participation in the BBC School Report. The school was mentored by Adam Tomlinson of Radio York. Olivia went on to interview torch bearers for the Olympics and is also the Leeds Schools Debating Champion.

Oliver England (15) has visited Drax and Harvard Engineering and would like to be a sports coach. He plays Basketball for Yorkshire and has developed his leadership skills through a primary school engineering competition where he led a team of 10 year old children through a project sponsored by NTR Engineering.

Oliver Smith (16) saw his opportunity to develop his presenting skills from BBC School Report to be part of the AMP Awards team. Oliver hosted the in school band competition and led the team to develop the AMP Awards social media and PR for the final. Oliver has had interactions with over 10 businesses while at school.


For further information please contact Jane Green, Boston Spa School on 07766 131319