Better housing standards for Leeds

As the need for more housing becomes more important on the national agenda, Leeds is seeking to make sure new homes in the city are built to standards which will make them among the best of their kind in the country.

The UK has a tradition of standards for housing which provide guidance on minimum standards for issues such as space, heating and ventilation. However, Leeds is setting out to make sure homes in the city match the best of their kind for decades to come.

Councillor Peter Gruen, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Planning and Personnel said:

“We are focussed at meeting one of the biggest challenges Leeds faces: providing quality, accessible homes to meet the city’s growing population, while protecting the quality of the environment and respecting community identity.

“There is a wealth of evidence of the benefits of ensuring that housing reflects people’s needs, with improved physical and mental health as well as stronger, safer communities. Increasingly we want to make sure homes are flexible, adaptable and accessible - and that they are comfortable, convenient and safe for tenants and visitors too.

“We have identified the need for 70,000 new homes in Leeds up to 2028. We have already made clear we want the right homes in the right places at the right times. We do not want to see poorly designed, small and second rate houses in Leeds.

“It is against this background we are creating the Leeds Standard for housing. We have committed to build our new council homes according this this standard. But we want to see consistency across all sectors. We will therefore be making our best endeavours to challenge the private sector to meet the Leeds Standard for housing.”

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